Some of the most popular designs for wall clocks are birds. There is a huge range of bird wall clocks to choose from including the popular singing bird clock, the Audubon bird clocks and many other bird décor items. These are just some of the most popular.

There are over 10,000 species of birds, ranging in size from the tiny hummingbird to the ostrich. Bird watching has become a popular hobby and most gardens are adorned with bird feeders, or bird baths. Parrots and singing birds are the most popular bird pets. Scientists believe that birds originated from dinosaurs, there was actually a dinosaur that had feathers!

Coordinate your Birds Wall Clock, with matching décor items. Plus a colorful bird wall clock makes a thoughtful gift for a bird lover, such a parrot owner.
Birds and Cherry Blossoms Clock

This charming bird wall clock has an exclusive artisan design, with little birs sitting among clowering branches and made in the USA. Even the high quality quartz clockworks are made in the USA. Clocks are handcrafted upon quarter inch wood MDF. These clocks make useful and lasting gifts. It has a lovely, shabby cottage style accent for any décor, and the vintage styling adds an appealing aged patina to this design.

A happy customer comment. “Beautiful Clock and was shipped quickly and received packaged extremely well. This item was made in the USA which is a plus in my book.”

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Birds and Bird House Wall Clock with Pendulum

This delightful birds wall clock is designed in the form of a bird house surrounded by lively birds. The design is completed with a moving pendulum with a bird at the "bob". The all metal case is finished in black matte and has an all frosted glass dial that is easy to read. Requires 2 AA batteries.

What Just One Happy Customer Says:
“This cute clock looks great and is keeping time just as a clock should! Fits very nicely in the space I bought it for. It's in the dining room and also visable from the living room so it gets "looked at" often. The little bird on the pendolum swings happily all day and night. The clock doesn't make any noise which is good for us b/c my husband doesn't want to hear any noise from a clock. I'm totally satisfied with this purchase.”

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Audubon Singing Bird Clock 13 In. Green North American Bird Songs Announces Each Hour

This outstanding Audubon singing bird wall clock is a great conversation piece and would make a wonderful gift as well as a great addition to any wall in your home. This one is just out and is proving to be very popular. There are smaller versions available and as with all the bird wall clocks, there are matching accessories such as table accents.

You will be delighted with any of these clock choices and there are many more styles available.

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